Battle the Bug – Marble It Update

Battle the Bug
– October 13 –

October is upon us – ’tis the month of witches, candy, ghosts, and zombies!

And a welcome back to the newsletter, players! This week, we wrestle with a nasty bug, engage with the week’s challenges, see a boom in speedrun world records, and monkey around with some custom levels.

Let’s a go!

A Challenge with Weekly Challenges

Last week, we started receiving reports of Mayhem players getting stuck on start-up of the game. We discovered that the game was getting confused at an error with the Mayhem weekly challenges and refusing to cooperate.
The current workaround is to launch the game with airplane mode on until getting to the main menu (no microwaves necessary). We appreciate the reports, the help, and the patience on this!

We’ve submitted a fix and are awaiting approvals and rollouts – we’ll keep you posted on the stubborn start-up!

Weekly Challenge: Offroad

This week’s challenge takes us back to the days of roaming free without the pressure of picking up those precious gems. No responsibilities, no changes to physics, no other shenanigans. Just get. To. The. Goal.

Simple and easy!

Last Week’s Challenge: Mega Marble

Up the Wall
berserk – 00:02.508

Great Wall
Kryzz – 00:17.151

Time Capsule
Hatchet – 00:03.587

Bumper Invasion
Hatchet – 00:21.474

Platinum Playground
Hatchet – 00:29.424

Previous Week’s Challenge: High Jump

Over the Garden Wall
Kryzz – 00:10.232

Off Kilter
Kryzz – 00:13.710

Newton’s Cradle
Snwboardr – 00:12.714

Kryzz – 00:04.652

KingOfRain – 02:03.373

Okay, Need for Speed

This recap has a bunch of records. This trio means business. Check the details below.
In RTA news, we have a few updates to the overall Classic board you can see in the screenshot below.

Off Kilter
boomer – 00:12.579

Learning to Roll
boomer – 00:04.927

Over the Garden Wall
boomer – 00:08.474

Matt2k – 00:06.351

Ex Machina
berserk – 00:06.235

Totally Tubular
berserk – 00:11.521

berserk – 00:08.239

Big Easy
boomer – 00:30.477

Levels, levels, levels!

In Steam Workshop news – we get a visit from some Monkey Ball homages, more train cars, and more! This week’s round up includes items from Sevadra, J2_2, and UmbraSonset.

You can check out the over 650 item library here, or make your own levels in the Marble It Up! #level-building Discord channel.

That’s all for this round-up, marblers!
Go enjoy your October and all the joy and pumpkins it brings.
See you next time!

Marble Collective

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