A Haiku Halloween – The Marble It Update!

A Haiku Halloween
– October 27 –

Oh Zombie…
Poor, hungry zombie
You chase and chase survivors
No more hugs for you

Round Up
Your community
Excelling in all regards
Let’s review the week

Weekly Challenge: Superball

A Challenge
From needle and thread
Players’ aspirations grow
Climb, spire of sun!

Last Week’s Challenge: Button Masher Redux

Painful thumbs, begone!
An experiment begins.
Reaction? Not bad!

Learning to Jump
Matt2k – 00:05.678

Wave Pool
CMurder – 00:06.225

Totally Tubular
Sevadra – 00:09.524

CMurder – 00:23.287

Danger Zone
CMurder – 00:16.416

Previous Week’s Challenge: Offroad

Great Wall
Hatchet – 00:06.755

Four Stairs
Hatchet – 00:01.722

Hatchet – 00:10.710

Uphill Both Ways
Snwboardr – 00:06.154

Hatchet – 00:03.415

The Need for Speed

These broken records
Never played any music
Artful, they remain

Learning to Turn
77boomer – 00:04.378

Matt2k – 00:06.350

Learning to Jump
Pinguin – 00:06.312

Icy Ascent
Pinguin – 00:05.921

Flip the Table
SpKi – 00:16.424

Custom Levels! (Sevadra, SpaceTaco)

Escapades, homage
Hundreds of beautiful things…
Countless in the wings

Other News

Solved Arcade Bug Reminder
Battling the bug,
Patience and skill won the day
Reminder: Update!

Still in the works, yet
Progress is quiet, don’t fret
Still quite excited!

Much like the above
Slow and steady will prevail
Task lists – watch your backs!

Oh Zombies!
Full, grinning zombies
Oh? You went and made new friends!
Lovely to meet you –

Braaains Braaaaaains

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